Jean Claude van Damme - 90s Toy Commercial

Jean Claude be damned! This video won third place in a contest put on by Funny or Die. Cool right? Simply, contestants were given a dozen green screen clips of Jean Claude himself to do with what they pleased. I was a part of a group of Fitchburg State alums including Ben Proux, Nicholas Giaquinto, Justin Marra, and Matt Newcomb.

Cross Pollination

What happens when a Prickly Cactus woos a Dainty Flower? Shot with my Digital Bolex. Produced by Young Perayderz.


When the microwave broke at our office, what else were we supposed to do? Fantastic Workaholics and Office Space Homage by Young Perayderz shot on the Digital Bolex! #yprdz 

A Dino Rider Christmas

A Christmas gag gift for a friend. Enjoy!