Beauty + BEAST - Harley Davidson Concept Fashion Shoot

Photographer extraordinaire, Cory Despres, was at it again and this time he and fellow photographer, John Savone, put together a spec shoot with three of Boston's most talented, intelligent, and beautiful young women and one sharp custom hog. This shoot was one of the last at Exposure Place Studios in Waltham, MA. This BTS video was shot on the GH4.

ICE CASTLE - Candice Wu Couture

What happens when it's too cold for fashion? It's NEVER too cold for Fashion! Award-winning fashion designer Candice Wu sent some dramatic pieces to the Ice Castle in Lincoln, NH and the results are nothing short of stunning. Photography by Dan Minicucci Photography. Filmed on the GH4.


Chloe Barcelou is at it again with this unique photo-recreation of 'The Swing', a painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (c. 1767). The shoot was thought up by Chloe after she salvaged heavily arbored wall paper from a short film shoot she and Brandon Batchelder worked on as set designers. Brandon created the swing from salvaged wood and thick ropes to nail the look. Shot on GH4.

Candice Wu Bridal Collection at The Boston Park Plaza

Looking for that perfect dress? Acclaimed designer Candice Wu recently presented her latest bridal collection in the beautiful Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. Watch as the models go from street to chic - ready to put a ring on it - in this behind the scenes video of the event. Shot on the Panasonic GH4.

Rapunzel - Fashion Shoot

A backstage look at a photo shoot at the New England School of Photography by none other than Niki Lazaridou (Who else really?). Shot on the Panasonic GH4. A simple video for a simple shoot, but one I really enjoyed putting together. The cat, Miso, belongs to the model and is completely deaf. For some reason, I couldn't get the animal to come when called!

Unveiling the Ferrari 488 Spider

Ernie Boch Jr. sure does know how to throw a party! The new Ferrari Spider debuted this week at his dealership in Norwood, MA. Award-winning fashion designer, Candice Wu, was on site with models outfitted for the occasion. Filmed on the Digital Bolex D16.

Beaucage Salon & Spa - ITALIA

Dean Boudreau, owner and master stylist at Beaucage Salon & Spa, has been called a miracle worker and he and his staff can get you looking your best! Here is his masterful work in action during a photoshoot at a secret mansion in Boston. Photography by Niki Lazaridou Photography. Finished photos seen here

Filmed on a combo of the D16 Digital Bolex and Panasonic GH4.

Annabel Lee - Fashion Shoot & Interview

If you haven't heard of Annabel Lee (a.k.a. Sarah Borrello) yet, you will soon. Annabel is a very soulful, powerful siren that is definitely destined for fantastic things. This shoot at EP Levine in Waltham, MA was put together by Cory Despres, a fantastic photographer and music lover. My hope is that videos like this one will the first of thousands that will mark the rise of this future star! Shot on the Panasonic GH4 with Metabones speed ring (MFT to EF mount adaptor). The video is scored with Annabel's own music.


Filmed at the prestigious Hallmark Institute of Photography, this is a behind the scenes look at an educational demonstration put together by photographer Niki Lazaridou. The setup was very impressive and included a huge projector screen so students can see the raw photos as they were taken. The looks were very basic and muted, but definitely stunning in their simplicity. I provided both the videography and editing for this one.

Fine China

Niki Lazaridou did it again, somehow convincing the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA that we could shoot in their ancient Chinese House, a structure imported piece by piece to the US and painstakingly rebuilt. Together with traditional Chinese fashion, the resulting shoot was breathtaking. As for the video, it was shot on two cameras: A Canon 7D (by Mark DerHovanessian) and the Digital Bolex. I used my D16 footage to create a story in the style of 70's Asian cinema. I also got help to create Chinese titles for the piece.

Candice Wu Couture - Grand Opening

Award-winning fashion designer Candice Wu has opened a storefront location for her impeccable work and I had the privilage to be there to film it. The new location was completely redesigned by Candice to show off her bridal collection and is definitely worth a visit in person to see the detail and effort that goes into each piece.


I guess Niki Lazaridou always wanted to paint a model a metalic color head to toe. Here is the resulting behind the scenes video. I shot it on my Digital Bolex and believe I was far more successful this time around then on the previous Kombat shoot.


This Niki Lazaridou photo shoot was a wash! It was raining quite a bit and I had my new camera, the Digital Bolex with me. I was very limited with what I could do from under the shelter of the decayed mansion, but it definitely was a learning experience. Project was edited by my friend and former coworker Mark DerHovanessian. 


Snakes! This project truly represented fancy come to life. Another Niki Lazaridou inspiration, I shot this one with my then roommate, Justin Marra at the New England Reptile Distributors in NH. Editing was difficult as there was A LOT of great footage to choose from, but definitely was fun as I continued to explore Final Cut X. By the end of this project, I still wasn't to keen on FCPX, but I'm still happy with the end result.

Niki Lazaridou - Backstage 'Dark Beauty'

While with McElroy Films, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working with Niki Lazaridou, a fashion photographer who had just a month prior to the shoot moved into the United States. This first project was the first of many that we have been able to collaborate on since. It was also my first time trying out Final Cut X editing software.