MELTING - Annabel Lee

Shot on the Digital Bolex in my grandfather's old greenhouse, this music video featuring Annabel Lee and her original song, 'Melting' was a labor of love. It took a lot of planning and time to get almost 50 gallons of light corn syrup, a claw-foot bath tub, and all the bugs necessary to pull it off, but the results were terrific! Special thanks to Eric Boughton for supplying his GoPro, Rebecca Perry for her assistance on set, and Mary Perry for letting us use the old greenhouse.

Annabel Lee - 'Baby Boy' by Beyoncé Cover

Annabel Lee performs a powerful piano cover of Beyoncé's song 'Baby Boy' in the live recording at UMASS Lowell. Audio Recorded and Engineered by Jimmy Keeley. A basic shoot on the GH4.

MELTING - Annabel Lee - Teaser

I had the pleasure of interviewing Annabel Lee early in 2015 and, of course, I wanted to do a music video for her. Here is a quick tease of the video to come in early August! Shot on the Digital Bolex in a hot greenhouse with a claw-foot tub filled with sticky corn syrup! Fun!

At Fenway - William Shatner & Brian Evans

While working for McElroy Films, I had the pleasure of producing-scripting-directing-editing this wonderfully hokey music video at good ol' Fenway Park with none other than William Shatner. Brian Evans' boppin' tune is perfectly catchy and nostalgic for Red Sox and baseball fans alike. This is by far the most 'seen' project I have done, collecting nearly 12 million views on YouTube.